Freelance Gatsby, React & WordPress Developer

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Gatsby.js, React.js, and Custom WordPress theme, plugin, and block development

Steve West is a Newtown, Sydney-based software engineer, specialising in web developement languages JavaScript and PHP. Patience, communication, attention to detail are core attirbutes developed and exercised with experience studying Software Engineering and working at Web Development agencies like SelectField, The Nest, Ironclad Networks, Digital Native, Websites’n’more and Zentir.

WordPress 5 is here and Gutenberg is a huge change to the way WordPress can be used. If you’re unsure what the hell is going on, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

-Steve, early Dec 2018

WordPress is an amazing CMS for any website

Things move really fast online. The WordPress platform now powers almost a third of websites on the internet! This number continues to grow, and for good reason; It’s an extremely extensible, open-source Content Management System, with an excellent web interface, a large community and freely available resources online.

Using WordPress as your CMS is really powerful, but it doesn’t mean you’re confined to using standard off-the-shelf, or even custom, WordPress themes. Taking advantage of the WordPress REST API, or the wp-graphql plugin project, your webpage can be built with modern client-side Javascript approach, providing super fast page load speeds and app-like behaviour, using React.js and tools like Gatsby.js to achieve this.

Get in touch and let’s communicate about how I can help you achieve your goals!

So what can Steve do for you?

Whether that’s bringing a site up to 2019 standards, making your site mobile responsive, increasing site performance, or coding search engine optimizations Steve can answer or find answers to all of your questions.

Perhaps you’re interested in a flashy new front-end experience for your users but don’t want to loose the familiar content management interface you’ve been using for years now.

Steve can guide you through a total website redesign and rebuild, or if you’re starting from scratch, getting you and your business online. He’s got you covered with not only his skills, but a network of freelancers and web agencies who’s safe hands are trusted and recommended when required.

Steve is available for Freelance and Contract development engagements, and prioritises remote work. Minimum engagement of 1 day (8hrs), rates available on request.

Reach out to Steve!

React Hooks are really cool!

Steve (paraphrased), also early Dec 2018