The Great Many Things That Steve Is All About

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, I’ve been lucky enough to come into contact with some amazing people and places that have had profound effect on how I experience the world, and adding to my ever growing list of hobbies and passions. Here’s some of the things that I’m all about.

Steve is all about computers!

Computers were available to me from around 4 years old, when my grandfather obtained a Dick Smith VZ300 (kids with iPads.. you’re missing out!) and showed me everything he could about using it.

Things progressed from there to a general love of electronics and many more personal computers and eventually laptops, tablets, phones and phablets. Yes, phablets.

Steve is all about guitars!

Music is a huge part of my life away from the screen (and sometimes in front of it), and I play at least one of my many electric and acoustic guitars every single day. I love the sound of a warm tube amplifier just on the edge of breakup. Plugging in pedals and coming up with crazy or beautiful sounds never gets old.

I love to play with other musicians, it’s like speaking another language, one that’s straight from the heart. Being part of a band is a type of companionship you don’t get anywhere else.

Steve is all about audio!

I’m not only passionate about music itself, but more generally recorded audio and music production. My first 8-track recorder was gifted to me by a friend’s (pretty famous) dad, and I loved helping my friends create and share their music in stereo on cassette!

After studying Audio Engineering at S.A.E. Sydney, I spent years recording, editing and mixing music for bands and artists in Sydney. I came along during the shift to digital audio workstations and the transition away from tape (though it’s still my favourite thing to record to) and had a home studio with gear that cost way too much to obtain.

I try to marry the beauty and simplicity of the old days of music production with all of the fancy tools with flashing lights around these days. For 5 years I worked in the legal sector, recording critical audio during all sorts of courts, meetings and other private proceedings in big buildings, boardrooms and remote locations (including in the middle of a farm in South Australia!).

I also worked many years in music retail, and then a few more in the music ticketing industry.. I just really love being around all things audio!!

Steve is all about basketball!

The NBL and NBA players of the 90s were heroes to me growing up. I got to go to some awesome summer camps in my area where I learned the game from many of the Sydney Kings who I still support today. It’s inspiring to see so many Australian basketball players making professional careers in the top leagues around the world, and excelling in them!

There are so many other things that I enjoy, I’d love to tell you about them someday!! Things like:

  • Cooking all sorts of worldy cuisines
  • The latest trends in video gaming and games as an art form
  • Hosting and producing podcasts
  • Blockchain technology and emerging technology trends
  • Travelling the physical world
  • …the list is endless…

Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! 😀